This is a small, one-afternoon project. My goal was to create a workspace for playing LEGO that is simple and versatile. I wanted something that could help contain the bricks without being an impediment to play, and light enough to be moved around by one person.

It had be something that I could store along a wall, which dictated the form factor: 2 base plates by 4 (20''x40''). These off-brand base plates fit the bill perfectly, while providing a variety of environments to build from (e.g. sand, field/forest, water, concrete/pavement). They don't have to be glued to stay in position during play, because they are thicker than the LEGO brand ones, which also means they can be reconfigured as needed.

The surface is a 21.5''x41.5''x0.75'' board. The guard rail is a 5/8x7/16 board with a semi-circle moulding on top, hot-glued and nailed. I also opted to mount it on 16'' legs using simple top plates so that we could store things underneath it. The entire table is stained using a standard wood finish.